Best Training Shorts List - For Men and Women

Keeping your body in top condition is crucial. Beyond being more capable of enjoying life to the fullest and breaking down barriers between you and your goals, it also ensures you’re capable of handling the hardships of life more effectively. 

For most, that means hitting the gym and pumping iron until those wimpy little muscles swell into combat-worthy guns. However, to do that, you need to maximize your efficiency in the gym and keep yourself reasonably comfortable to avoid burnout. 

That’s where training shorts come in. 

Training shorts allow you to do that. The best training shorts keep your nether regions and upper legs cool, dry, and fully moveable, and they’re key to being able to push through all the squats, deadlifts, and cardio exercises you need to do to stay fit. 

Here are our top training shorts for men and women to point you in the right direction. 

The Best Training Shorts for Men

The best training shorts for men are the Performance V3 training shorts. They’re built specifically to enhance your capability in the gym, and each feature is designed to make your life easier.

Best training shorts for men - Performance V3 training shorts.

First, the material used is specifically designed to be durable and long-lasting without sacrificing comfort and breathability. This lets your nether regions breathe while you’re trying to work up a sweat. 

However, that same material is also moisture-wicking. So, as you build up a sweat and shed the pounds, the shorts will actively pull that sweat away from your skin.

This helps prevent those uncomfortable situations where your shorts are sticking to your thighs, you feel gross, and in general, you develop a severe case of swamp ass. None of those things are issues with the Performance V3 shorts. 

The taper and stretch allowance of all Performance V3 training shorts are undervalued and often overlooked features, but they’re also some of the most important.

A 5.5-inch seam taper ensures these shorts aren’t scrunching your boys up, but the shorts are still snug and stay out of the way while you work out. A mid-stretch allowance also ensures that you can stay mobile without rigid fabrics stopping your movement as they do with denim and other materials. 

Finally, filling your pockets isn’t usually a great idea in the gym, because stuff can fall out and then you’re crying because your iPhone is gone.

However, the Performance V3 shorts are still equipped with two mesh-lined front pockets and a rear pocket to ensure you can keep EDC items, your iPod, and other things with you when you’re not doing workouts that put them at risk of falling out or breaking. 

The Best Training Shorts for Women

For the ladies out there, we have to recommend the feminine counterpart to the Performance V3 lineup. You get all the benefits we talked about in the men's section but with some bonus features. 

First, the ladies' Performance V3 has to take a few things into account that aren’t as important as their male counterparts. The most notable adjustment is the squat-proof design.

Best training shorts for women - ladies’ Performance V3 training shorts.

You have to do squats if you want to keep your body fit, but unfortunately, women often have to deal with showing their whole rear with a lot of the gym shorts on the market. These squat-proof shorts make sure your private bits stay covered and out of sight while you work out, but they’re still fashionable. 

Next, the women’s version of the Performance V3 shorts is seamless to prevent both camel toes and the uncomfortable sensations that can stem from a seam getting in your nether regions. You get to keep working out without embarrassing yourself or having to dig at your crotch after every rep. 

These shorts are also a lot snugger to fit your natural curves a lot more easily and allow for a full range of motion while looking feminine. 

Other than that, it’s all about equality. You get the same quick-dry, moisture-wicking, breathable material, pockets, and other features of the male version. 

Honorary Mentions

The Performance V3 line of training shorts is the best available, and you’ll love wearing them to the gym, during a recreational sport, or even just jogging around town to get some cardio in.

However, we know you sometimes want some options. Maybe the V3 doesn’t match every situation you find yourself in, or you train in unconventional ways that require a slightly different design. 

Here are a couple of options for men and women. 

1: Ladies Luxe High-Waisted Shorts

Ladies Luxe high-waisted shorts are great for working out, but they’re also more suitable for day-to-day life. So, if you only have a half-hour between getting your workout in and having to get the kids from practice, this can be the perfect pair of training shorts to keep you in style regardless of the occasion. 

The high-waist design can also provide a bit of warmth to your stomach or protect things such as belly button rings from getting caught on gym equipment. 

2: Ranger Panty Silkies

The Performance V3 shorts are the best men’s training shorts you’re going to get, but if you want a similar package in a smaller format without having to manage strings flopping around, the Ranger Panty Silkies are your next best choice.

They have a lot in common with the Performance V3, but they’re a little more “compact” and work well when longer pant legs get in the way or you’re trying to minimize weight as much as possible.

Where to Get the Best Training Shorts

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However, we stand out from other companies offering active wear.

We’re a fully veteran-owned company, and all our items are veteran-designed to both give back to our veterans and ensure that you receive products that are built to weather even the worst storms.

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