Tactical Athlete Program (TAPS):


We offer ambassador like positions here at Combat Iron Apparel for like-minded individuals like ourselves. We all want the same thing- to be better. That doesn't mean to win every competition. Nor does it mean we want to chase dollar signs and be rich. It just means whatever it is in life, we want to do better at it. That's our drive behind C.I.A., which is to be become better individuals surrounded by like minded individuals. We are a military background company, all coming from military service, however that is never a requirement. However there are requirements, which are as stated: 


1.) American Loving

2.) Pro Veterans and their service to our Country

3.) Motivated

4.) No racial or sexist post on any social media account in which you operate

5.) Savage AF

6.) Fitness driven. Always bettering your body one movement at a time

7.) Understand the meaning of freedom and what happened to obtain that right


If this is something in which you would be interested in joining, please email us at tactical.athlete@combatironapparel.com