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      Interested in joining the Tactical Athlete™ Program?!

      Combat Iron chooses our Tactical Athletes carefully to ensure we have the most elite team representing the brand and each other. We are a company that started from our living room and has continued to grow each and every day. We know our growth is largely dependent on not just the great quality product we sell, but who represents our name.

      We could not be where we are today without our loyal Tactical Athletes. We reward our Tactical Athletes with Combat Iron store credit and discounts. If chosen to represent Combat Iron, you will be provided with a discount code to share with friends, family, and your social media accounts. You'll have access to your own online portal to view and track your rewards. 

      You will be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group and Instagram group chats so you can keep in touch with other Tactical Athletes and be updated on the newest releases before they have even been shared online.

      Lastly, Combat Iron travels to Fitness Expos and events every year, being a Tactical Athlete could give you the opportunity to attend an expo with our team depending on location and availability.



      Tactical Athletes are required to post on their social media accounts at least once a week to stay active on the team. We require at least one wall post and one story post. However, the more that is posted, the more rewards received! If Combat Iron is running a sale, we require all athletes to post this on their social media accounts. Combat Iron does not require a minimum length of time to commit to our team. If you do not post the minimum requirements and are inactive for 30 days or more, your ambassadorship will be revoked. If you choose to revoke your ambassadorship, we ask that you inform us so we can open up the opportunity for someone else who may have been waiting for a spot to open.


      Sponsorship Opportunities

      Sponsorship's are hand selected by the CEO and management. This opportunity is based on the amount of sales driven to us by the athlete, the quality of their posts, and the amount of traction that is brought to our brand by their activity. If selected for a sponsorship, you will be notified by management.


      We appreciate your patience as we hand select our Tactical Athletes. Please allow an adequate amount of time to receive a response. We are a small company that is constantly grinding day in and day out to achieve our goals. 


      We are looking for like minded individuals to join our Combat Iron family. 

      If joining our Tactical Athlete Program interests you, please apply by clicking the link below!

      Tactical Athlete Program (TAPS)


      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you

      Combat Iron Management