Clothes for Concealed Carry: A New Wave for 2A Fashion

Whether you’re going to the gym, out with friends, or just out to get some grub after a long shift, your Second Amendment rights are yours to exercise. However, finding clothes that work well in all those situations and with your firearm can be a bit challenging.

Even if the silhouette is covered, you have to worry about it digging into your skin in most conditions, still being accessible in your time of need regardless of position, and avoiding discharges due to poorly retrieved firearms from awkward positions or wrestling with clothing. 

Luckily, your combat buddies at Combat Iron Apparel have you covered. 

We’re not just an activewear company. We’re veteran-owned and operated, and all our clothing and accessories are designed by men and women who have served. So, we know a thing or two about packing heat properly. 

Let’s go over some of the main factors you need to consider when buying clothes for concealed carry, and then we’ll give you some of our top picks to choose from. 

What to Look for with Concealed Carry Clothes

With open-carry practices, you have a ton of freedom. If anything, your clothing helps make carrying a firearm easier in that situation, because your clothes act as padding between your carry method and your skin without getting in the way at all. 

Concealed carry is a very different animal to tame. Since you’re “hiding” your firearm within your clothing or an accessory item, you have to consider every single detail of what you’re wearing. 

Here are the main points to look at.

1: Hiding the Silhouette

There’s no point in concealed carry if everyone around you can clearly see the outline of your gun, or every time you bend over you expose parts of the gun to everybody. Sure, in a sane society, the sight of a gun wouldn’t bug people unless the person carrying it was doing something wrong, but that’s not exactly the world we live in.

It freaks people out, gets business owners in an uproar, and generally creates major problems. It also gives away your hidden advantage, and while some people might rethink doing anything stupid because of it, it can also make you a bigger target for particularly stubborn douchebags.

Clothes for concealed carry that don’t show off the firearm.

Whether they’re looking to steal it, or they pick you first before they start terrorizing people, knowing you have a gun can give them some bright ideas you might not be ready for.

As such, your concealed carry clothing needs to snugly hold your weapon against your body, but the material shouldn’t trace it out and practically highlight it for everybody to see. 

2: Comfort

You want to carry a gun all day. Not get pinched, rubbed, and violated by it. Any clothes for concealed carry you wear should be able to secure your firearm without forcing it into such a rigid position that every time you move you feel it digging into you.

You’ll likely notice it’s there, and that’s a good thing because you’ll notice if it ends up missing, too. However, it shouldn’t make you uncomfortable or aggressively rub your flesh.

3: Safe Access from All Positions

Most people train to draw their firearms from optimal positions and under optimal circumstances. Even if you practice drawing from concealment, you’re still likely doing it on a nice, peaceful, range with no consequences.

That’s fine, but in a real situation, you might not be able to take a stance, draw the way you’re used to, and fire at your leisure.

It all takes place in a matter of milliseconds, and you’re actively staring down a threat to your life and the lives of everyone around you while you do it. The chances of you executing the task perfectly are low unless you’ve been in those situations lots of times before. 

It’s easy to get your firearm snagged on baggy clothing, and in that situation, the bad guy might have already put 14 new holes in you before you even knew what happened.

You could be caught fighting with your firearm in overly tight clothing while sitting on a bench and accidentally discharge it. Now, scared the daylights out of some old lady down the block, and the bad guy is still putting holes in you before you can react. 

Not only should you be effectively trained to deal with those situations, but your clothes shouldn’t hinder your drawing in any way. There’s no time to mess with your clothes. When you need a gun, you need it instantly.

Our Top 3 Picks for Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories

Now that you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, we have three high-quality options to choose from. They’re also all made by veteran designers. So, you know they’re going to pack heat with ease.

1: Little Pecker Club Outdoors Hoodie

What better way to show you’re not a threat than to broadcast your unnaturally small appendage to any and all threats?

Maybe they’ll take pity on you and let you be? Well, if not, you don’t have to worry about Little Pecker Club hoodie getting in the way when you draw your weapon and show him big things come in little packages.

Clothes for concealed carry - Little Pecker Club hoodies.

It’s up, over, and out of the way in a flash, and while form-fitting for natural movement, it’ll hide your firearm well.

2: Men’s Hybrid Athletic Shorts

If you want to go to the gym, run a few miles, or just enjoy a day out in the sun while packing a sweet piece of lead-fueled fury, these are the shorts for you.

Men’s hybrid athletic shorts are snug enough to secure your firearm and allow for a full range of movement, but they’re also loose enough to conceal your boomstick.

Clothes for concealed carry - Men’s hybrid athletic shorts.

Not only that but if you do need to use it, you’ll look awfully cool in Tiger Camo while you do it.

3: Sling Bag Fanny

Fanny packs are in, and while not all clothes mesh well with concealed carry, a fanny pack will.

Clothes for concealed carry - Fanny packs.

We’ve got several high-quality fanny packs that are designed to hold everything from your firearm to your phone while allowing for multiple carry positions, quick access, and secure storage.


For those who are looking to wear clothes for concealed carry and apparel that’s high-quality, won’t fail you when you need it the most but want to stand out and be stylish at the same time, don’t worry.

Combat Iron Apparel is a veteran-owned brand that has your back. Browse our shop and we guarantee you’ll find all the CC-friendly apparel you need!

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