Concealed Carry Clothing For Ladies: How to Stay Strapped & Sexy

Ladies, we know if you’re reading this, you’re not one of those folks who walk through life pretending it’s made of unicorns, rainbows, and cupcakes. You know there’s always a threat around the corner or some nutjob with a bad idea knocking around in his empty noggin. 

You’re not the type to stare at your phone while you walk through crowds or fiddle with your makeup on the subway. No, you have a closer friend. A friend that has a bit of bite.

You’re packing the great equalizer at all times, and you’re more than happy to use it against the sorry idiot who tries something.

We like that around here. 

Unfortunately, we also know most of the clothes marketed to women aren’t very 2A friendly. Honestly, your clothing brands can’t even seem to get their sizing charts right anymore. Let alone think of your needs as a woman. 

That’s alright, though. Here at Combat Iron Apparel, we want you to be comfortable, confident, and more importantly, strapped up to end evil with a bang no matter where you are. We will help you choose the perfect concealed carry clothing for ladies.

Let’s dive right in.

How Do Concealed Carry Clothes Differ from Standard Clothing? 

Concealed carry clothing technically isn’t anything special. It simply refers to clothing that happens to hide a firearm well enough that you can walk around in public without listening to people cry about the gun you’re carrying.

That’s it. Technically speaking, the right shirt from your local thrift shop could be a “concealed carry” shirt.

However, it’s not recommended to just randomly buy clothes and hope that they work well with your little dangerous buddy. 

You want something that is designed to conceal a weapon effectively and provide you with easy access to that weapon when you need it most. After all, you can’t ask a predator to stop and wait for you to get a little surprise out for him.

Concealed carry clothing for ladies.

So, there’s a lot more to it than just worrying about whether the gun can be detected despite you hiding it. 

That’s what we’re going to focus on here. Getting you into a solid outfit that can conceal your weapon without making you stand out like a sore thumb or hindering your access to your firearm when you need it. 

Here are 3 important factors to consider before we jump into our recommendations.

1: Safety

Safety comes first. We certainly wouldn’t recommend you prioritize hiding your firearm or accessing it over safety. 

What we mean by this is that your clothes shouldn’t be able to wedge into the holster and fire a chambered round, catch on the gun while you’re drawing, and potentially cause you to misfire, or anything else. 

Your clothing should not become a hindrance or a potential hazard if you are carrying a firearm.

2: Concealment

This one’s obvious, but the clothing you choose should be able to hide the firearm correctly.

This means that you cannot see the silhouette of the firearm from any position, if you bend or move around the firearm does not become exposed, and the carry accessory itself shouldn’t be noticeable.

We don’t care if you drive around in a tank or dress like an EOD specialist for your afternoon grocery trip, but the whole point of concealing your firearm is that you don’t have to deal with less 2A-friendly people, and the bad guys don’t think to shoot first and take your money later

So, this is a crucial part of choosing your clothing.

3: Compatibility

You’re going to need a holster or crossbody sling to hold your firearm. That needs to be compatible with the clothes you’re wearing, or you risk it coming detached, grinding into your flesh, or otherwise malfunctioning. 

This is largely dependent on the accessory you’re using to carry your firearm, but you typically need clothing that has a bit of substance to it.

What are the Best Options for Ladies? 

To help you with concealed carry clothing for ladies that will go with you to the gym, out on the trail, or anywhere else without holding you back, we’ve got three great options for you to consider.

1: Ladies Luxe High-Waisted Shorts

These slim and sexy training shorts are appropriate wherever shorts are. So, you won’t wear them to the office, but they’ll look great for everything from the gym to date night.

Concealed carry clothing for ladies - luxe high-waisted shorts.

However, the real benefit of getting these luxe high-waisted shorts is that the high waist lets you slip your piece in, and with a well-chosen shirt, that slim and sleek design won’t show off your gun. It's higher up on the waist, and your shirt will handle the rest.

2: Thick AF Crop Top 

These workout crop tops feature Thick AF printed on the front and are long enough to hide your piece.

Concealed carry clothing for ladies - thick AF crop top.

It’s also baggy enough to cover your gun’s silhouette when paired with our recommended shorts, and it doesn’t limit your abilities in the gym or when you’re out on the town being active.

3: Crossbody Sling Bag

Sometimes, you just can’t keep your gun connected to your body. We get it.

Whether you’re going to be working out hard in the gym and don’t want to worry about it, or you’re going to wear clothes beyond our recommendations and you just can’t make it work, it’s not always an option. 

That’s why you bring a sling bag along and chuck your gun in there. 

A crossbody sling bag is small enough to stay out of the way, it can be worn multiple ways, and it’s just as stylish as a purse.

Concealed carry clothing for ladies - sling bag.

You can use this to stow your gun while you’re working out in the gym when you want to wear that super-revealing cocktail dress or in any other situation where you just can't get your gun into your waistband. 

You sacrifice being able to get to it as quickly, but at least it’s on you. Just remember to lock up your bag in a locker or someplace safe if you aren’t going to be wearing it.

Check Out Combat Iron Apparel

If you’re ready to enrich your wardrobe with concealed carry clothing for ladies, our recommendations here aren’t your only options.

At Combat Iron Apparel, we have tons of vet-designed options in all categories to keep you strapped, sexy, and kicking butt.

Browse our shop and discover the ideal piece of clothing that will make you look stylish and will effectively hide your firearm.

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