Best Running Shorts for Thick Thighs: Anti-Chafing Rundown

Amazingly, so many people are looking to fine-tune their bodies and get into shape, and we completely support that. You see it everywhere. Folks are getting off the couch, making changes, and feeling good doing it. 

There’s a problem, though. If you’re not comfortable in even the most basic ways, you’re likely to stop

There are a lot of different ways that can be a problem, but today, we’re going to focus on folks with thicker thighs having to deal with chafing.

No one wants to get done with a cardio workout and feel like they just took 80-grit sandpaper to their nether regions. A few runs like that, and it’s typically a straight run to the couch again. 

We can fix that, though. 

We are going to talk about the best running shorts for thick thighs that will prevent chafing and keep you moving confidently.

Let’s get started.

The Performance V3 Training Shorts

We’ll get this out of the way and name-drop our favorite recommendation right off the bat. It’s the Performance V3 Training Shorts line that you’ll want to pick from.

Best running shorts for thick thighs - performance V3 training shorts.

Well, that was a short blog post. Go ahead. Run off to drop your hard-earned money blindly based on our recommendation. 

 We’re kidding. We’re going to go through all the reasons these are your best running shorts for thick thighs so you can see for yourself.

1: The In-Seam Keeps Your Bits from Rubbing

You have thick thighs, and they’re going to rub regardless of what you do. For most people, that’s one of the reasons you’re working out.

Even some absolute beefcakes suffer from thick-thigh-syndrome because they’ve done so many squats there’s just no more room for muscle to grow. 

However, the material between your thighs when they’re rubbing together matters, and the shape of that material is important, too. 

The Performance V3 line has gender-specific features for the crotch area that help minimize friction and maximize comfort

On men’s shorts, the crotch is tapered with a 5-inch in-seam to accommodate your junk but prevent chafing. On ladies' Performance V3, the crotch is seamless to prevent any discomfort and minimize friction as well. 

These design choices help cut out the bulk of the friction you’d otherwise experience, but they’re not the sole reason these shorts work. 

2: Moisture-Removing

Chafing doesn’t just occur because of friction. Moisture from sweat adds to it. It soaks into the fabric and covers your skin, and then when your thighs rub, the effect is a lot more noticeable.

This is also why you develop odors, rashes, ingrown hairs, and more in this area when you work out hard for long periods. 

The Performance V3 shorts wick moisture away and up into the outer layers of the shorts for it to evaporate without just slathering your skin with liquid that irritates your pores. 

This is a big benefit whether chafing is your issue or not. You'll experience less chafing, but you’ll also have a groin region that doesn’t smell like a dusty old quiche you left in the fridge for a month, and your overall comfort level will rise dramatically.

3: Low-Friction Fabric Blend

Again, it’s all about reducing friction. The fabric used doesn’t just contour to your body and remove moisture, but it is also made of a fabric blend that takes what would feel like 80-grit sandpaper and bumps it up to a nice, smooth, silky experience.

Best running shorts for thick thighs - performance V3 training shorts.

These shorts aren’t slick, and you’re not going to slide all over the bench when you take a rest, but they aren’t going to grip your skin and dig in, either.

Reasons to Buy Beyond Anti-Chafing Properties

You need good running shorts for more reasons than just how well they let your thighs rub together without turning them into Swiss cheese.

Luckily, the Performance V3 line has plenty to offer beyond that.

1: Ruggedness

You don’t want to spend good money on top-notch running shorts for thick thighs just for them to fall apart the first time you trip on a rock or squat too far. Well, the Performance V3s aren’t just made for comfort.

They’re made by vets with the specific purpose of meeting their expectations.

If these shorts can handle everything a vet expects them to, they can handle your daily workout routine.

2: Stay Strapped

Do you know another thing vets love that most training shorts can’t properly accommodate? That’s right. They love pew-pews. 

As such, you can expect that clothing items designed solely by vets will work great with your chosen carry method, and you can stay strapped at all times.

That includes the Performance V3 line of training shorts. Tighter options in the women’s line like luxe high-waisted shorts might give away the outline of a concealed firearm, but the pants certainly won’t buckle under the weight or make it dangerous to carry it. 

This is huge, because we truly care about your Second Amendment rights, and we want you packing as much heat as you can comfortably handle at any given time.

If you don’t want it in your training shorts, try out one of our sling bags. That’ll keep your constitutional jellybean dispenser safe and out of the way.

3: Style

We’ve talked about function thus far, but we know you care about how you look. Sure, you want to be comfortable while you run, but you don’t want to look like you walked right out of one of those embarrassing 80s workout tapes.

So, the Performance V3 line is full of fun designs that’ll match any workout clothes you have, and eventually, we can guarantee someone at the gym will ask where you got your shorts. 

Our personal favorites are the combat duckies and patriotic penguins, but there are more subtle options available such as various camo options.

Where to Get the Performance V3 Training Shorts

If you are looking to get the best running shorts for thick thighs, Combat Iron Apparel has you covered.

Browse our store and check out the Combat Iron Performance V3 Training Shorts, today.

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