Tactically Designed T-Shirts: The Best T-Shirts to Wear Under Your Gear

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Best Tactically Designed T-Shirts: The T-Shirts to Wear Under Your Gear

Wearing gear of various kinds has obviously been a thing for a long time. Police officers, firstresponders, security personnel, and even contractors have things that they have to carry ontheir body day in and day out to get their jobs done effectively. They don’t have time to run to atoolbox, get into their trunk, or deal with any of that nonsense.However, it has become a lot more popular among your average Joe, as well.Whether it’s because of all the looming problems society is dealing with, or you just want to bebetter prepared for everyday life, more people are carrying a variety of gear options daily; evenwhen their careers don’t necessarily require it.This can be as simple as getting strapped before leaving the house, carrying a full EDC bag full ofthe essentials, or having an intricate pocket and belt system in place to make sure you have thetools to handle whatever life throws at you.As such, your clothing needs to be able to accommodate that, and you might need to startmaking some more targeted purchasing decisions in the clothing aisle if you want to be aseffective as possible.Today, we’re going to go over what a “tactically designed” t-shirt is, things to look for, and ofcourse, some options that’ll help you streamline your wardrobe upgrade in a flash.

What is a Tactical Styled T-Shirt?

The word “tactical” gets thrown around a lot, lately. If you type it into Amazon, you’ll likely find bunch of tools painted black that really aren’t all that functional. If you look at clothing, sometimes, just the color black seems to make it “tactical”. All that is nonsense.

A tactically designed t-shirt is designed specifically to function as a shirt (obviously) but to work as part of a larger system fluidly, as well.

This means that there are several design elements that need to be considered before calling ashirt “tactical”. It’s a lot more complicated than just “paint it black and call it a day”.

Let’s go over those design aspects.

1: Form-Fitting

A true tactical t-shirt is designed to fit the body well and allow for a maximum range of movement. This means that the shoulder areas of the shirt do not restrict your arm rotations in any way, the neck area allows for easy head rotation without the shirt creating resistance, and the overall body of the shirt is snug, but still loose enough to allow for free movement and comfort.

2: Low-Profile Development

This somewhat contradicts our last point, but it’s a major consideration. While the shirt must be form-fitting to allow a maximum range of motion, it must also be somewhat baggy enough to conceal the profile of CCW, protective under-the-shirt vests, and other pieces of gear that the average person likes to keep under wraps until it’s needed.

3: Length Considerations

If you’re carrying a full EDC drop leg bag, use your belt for clip-on gear such as knives, flashlights, or even open carry holsters, you do not want your shirt to be too long. It gets in the way of those items and makes them more difficult to access under stress, and it can potentially lead to you losing those items. If you've ever worn a particularly long shirt along with a pocket-clip flashlight on your belt, you know what it’s like to hear a loud clank after the shirt bunched up in your belt and yanked the light off.

4: Prolonged Comfort

It’s difficult to call something “tactical” if it’s the source of discomfort; hence, it lowers your effectiveness in quick-thinking, actionable situations. A good tactically designed t-shirt will be made of moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry, don’t abrade your skin, and generally, are unnoticeable outside of obviously regulating your body temperature and keeping someone from calling the cops on you for running around half-naked.

5: Noticeability

Unlike the various “tactical” items you see peddled to mall ninjas, tactical clothing doesn’t exactly scream “Navy SEAL” when it’s meant to be worn in daily life. Blending into your environment and not drawing undue attention to yourself is often the difference between having time to handle a situation and ending up as someone's first target. A tactical shirt, meant for everyday wear, should just look like any other fun t-shirt. It’s perfectly fine to have your favorite patriotic messaging on it, maybe a raunchy joke or silly imagery, or whatever else. Those things don’t draw attention to you, and if they have the features mentioned above, you’re wearing the right clothing.

Finding Tactically Designed T-Shirts with Flare

So, you understand what a tactically designed t-shirt is, what its core features are, and why youshould upgrade your wardrobe with several of them, but where do you find them?

As we said, there are a ton of brands selling tactically styled apparel and clothing in the market. The problem is, they’re usually the same type of “tactical” as a gas station knife, and they’re not actually functional, truly custom designed gear.

You have to find a brand that is dedicated to tactically designed clothes, and it actually has to understand what makes a good piece of clothing in a tactical situation or just in your day-to-day life.

For that, your best option is Combat Iron Apparel.

Combat Iron Apparel is a company made by veterans with a focus on making functional, high-quality, clothing that gear-heavy professionals can rely on. However, it’s not aimed solely at those heading into the field. In fact, their specialty is blending trendy modern design ideas into proper tactical clothing, designed for both men and women.

When you shop at Combat Iron Apparel Co., you’ll find a vast selection of pro-2A, patriotic, and even silly yet masculine options that perfectly fit into any daily wear gear system.

When you want clothing that matches your active lifestyle and proactive way of life, shop with Combat Iron Apparel Co.

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