Mesh Lined or no liner? A Guide to Men's Swim Shorts

When it comes to Men's Swim Shorts this summer, the question often arises: do they really need liners? What are the liners even for? At Combat Iron Apparel Co., we've heard these questions before and we're here to help answer it.  

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Image from Combat Iron Apparel Co.​​

The Original Purpose of Men's Swim Shorts Liners

Men's Swim shorts liners are often a topic of discussion for men's swimwear, but what was their original purpose? A liner is a mesh or fabric layer inside swim trunks that provides support and protection to the wearer. While it can help keep a man's anatomy supported, it can also cause chafing and irritation, especially during prolonged wear. At Combat Iron Apparel Co., we offer an alternative solution with our MEN'S HYBRID WATER & LAND SHORTS. These shorts are perfect for any water sport or beach trip, without the added discomfort of an inside liner. Enjoy extra comfort and versatility with our liner-free swimwear. 

Do Men's Swim Trunks Require Liners?

Many men wonder if men's swim shorts require liners for a comfortable and supportive fit. The answer is no, men's swim trunks do not necessarily require a liner. Some men prefer to wear trunks without a liner and instead opt for wearing boxer briefs underneath for added support. Others find the built-in mesh liner to be beneficial for added protection and to prevent chafing and irritation during prolonged periods of wear. 

Pro's and Cons of Lined Men's swim shorts

When it comes to choosing Men's swim shorts, the decision to wear a liner or not is a matter of personal preference. Here are some pros and cons of liner-free swim trunks to help you make an informed decision:


  1. Comfort: Many men prefer the feeling of not having an extra layer of material inside their swim trunks, which can provide more freedom and comfort.

  2. Cooling: Without a liner, air can circulate more freely, keeping you cooler and potentially reducing the risk of heat rash or other skin irritation.

  3. Style: Some men find that liner-free swim trunks have a sleeker, more streamlined appearance.


  1. Support: The lack of a liner can lead to less support, which may be uncomfortable for some men.

  2. Chafing: Without a liner, there's a risk of skin-to-fabric rubbing, which can cause chafing and irritation, especially during prolonged periods of wear.

  3. Hygiene: Swim trunks without liners may be less hygienic, as they can become saturated with pool or ocean water and retain bacteria.

Ultimately, the decision to wear liner-free swim trunks comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the individual.

How To Know if your Men's Swim Shorts Fit Properly

When it comes to men's swim shorts, finding the right fit is key to both comfort and style. Here are some tips to help you know if your men's shorts are a proper fitting swimsuit:

  1. Waistband: The waistband should fit snugly but not be too tight, cutting into your skin or causing discomfort.

  2. Length: The length of your swim shorts should hit at or above the knee, without being too short or too long.

  3. Width: The width of the shorts should allow for free movement without being too loose or too tight.

  4. Fabric: Look for swimwear made with quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric that is durable and won't sag or stretch out over time.

  5. Support: If you prefer swim trunks with liners, make sure the liner provides the support you need without being too tight or restrictive.

When trying on swimwear from Combat Iron Apparel or other brands, don't be afraid to move around and test the fit in different positions to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. 

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