The Meaning and Purpose of Memorial Day: A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes

"Memorial Day: More than a holiday, it's a day of remembrance for those who have given everything for our freedom."

As we learn more about Memorial Day, let's keep in mind a famous quote from John F. Kennedy, a past President of the United States. He said, "When we say 'thank you', we shouldn't just say it, we should show it in our actions." This idea is especially important on Memorial Day. When we remember the brave people who died for our country, we should try to live the way they would have wanted. That's the best way we can show our thanks for their sacrifice. 

Group of American Soldiers honoring the dead on Memorial Day

Memorial day roots where it started and why

Firstly, let's discuss the origins of Memorial Day. The roots of this important holiday can be traced back to the American Civil War era, making it one of our country's oldest remembrance traditions. Initially known as Decoration Day, it was a time when citizens would place flowers on the graves of those who had been killed in battle. It was a heartfelt display of respect and a poignant way to remember the great sacrifice made by so many in the name of freedom and unity.

However, it wasn't until 1971 that Memorial Day was officially declared a national holiday through an act of Congress [3]. Since then, it has become a day of national unity and commemoration, dedicated to honoring all men and women who have lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military [1].

american soldier graves for Memorial Day memory
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Beyond the Festivities of Memorial Day.

So, what is the purpose of Memorial Day? Fundamentally, Memorial Day is an opportunity for us as a nation to express our gratitude to the brave servicemen and servicewomen who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the ideals we hold dear. It is a day to remember their courage and valor, and to reflect on the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy because of their sacrifice.

The meaning of Memorial Day goes beyond the barbecues and outdoor festivities that have become associated with this holiday. It serves as a stark reminder of the cost of freedom, the value of service, and the importance of honoring those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country.

As we approach Memorial Day this year, let's remember to take a moment to honor these heroes. Whether it's by visiting a cemetery, attending a Memorial Day event, or simply taking a moment of silence, let's ensure that the true meaning and purpose of this day are not forgotten. 

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