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This Wooden Straw Hat: because the only thing harder than the sun's rays should be your new badass straw hat.

Combat Iron summer custom pattern straw hat
Image from Combat Iron Apparel Co.​​
Patriotic Penguin custom wooden straw hat
Image ​​from Combat Iron Apparel Co.

Unveiling Combat Iron Apparel's Wooden Straw Hats: The Ultimate Summer Accessory

Combat Iron Apparel Co., known for its high-quality tactical and athletic apparel, has introduced an exciting collection of wooden straw hats featuring custom USA patterns.

These badass custom patterned summer hats are perfect to offer essential sun protection for the summer while showcasing your patriotism. Designed by a 100% veteran-owned and operated company, these eco-friendly wooden straw hats are the ideal accessory for any vacation or outdoors event this summer. 

Whether you're hitting the gym or enjoying a day on the water, Combat Iron Apparel's wooden straw hats will keep you stylish and your head protected all summer long.

Combat Iron Apparel Custom Pattern Straw Hat

  • Unisex Design

The best Summer Time strawhat designed to wear to any pool, vacation or to do your yard work in. 

"Enjoy your summer and stay shady this in the sun with a Combat Iron Apparel's Wooden Straw Hat – where eco-friendly, fashion meets American pride.”

Combat Iron Blog Team

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