Latest Trends in Men’s T-Shirts: Freshen Up Your Everyday Wear

Know the latest trends in the men's t-shirts?

Every industry sees a shift in trends, almost like clockwork. In the clothing industry, those shifts tend to come annually and even seasonally, in a lesser sense. 

Recently, we’ve been looking at the latest trends in the men's t-shirts market that took it by storm recently, and we were surprised that it didn’t exactly match up with what you’ll see with a quick Google search.

In fact, while some industry juggernauts would love for you to believe that the men’s clothing industry is focused on feel-good sayings and weak imagery, we’ve found that men just like you, real men not being paid by marketing companies, are looking for some highly specific features with your attire, nowadays. 

We can’t blame you. 

We’re going to go through the various trends we picked up in our research and point you in the right direction to upgrading your wardrobe at the end.

Crossfit competitor wearing combat iron ranger panties training shorts
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A man in red combat iron workout shirt
Image from Combat Iron Apparel Co.​​

A Return to Masculine Messaging

If you’ve thought that the shirts on sale at your local big-box store were toned down and not even remotely descriptive of your personality over the last few years, you’re not far off. 

A lot of brands have slowly pushed more traditional masculine designs and messaging out of their brand models, and that has left the majority of us with some less-than-stellar options. 

In recent times, men are bringing masculinity back, though, and that’s especially visible on our men’s t-shirt collection.

More now than ever, we’re seeing a massive surge in guys who just want to have a cool shirt that makes them feel like the badasses they are deep down. 

While you might see a bunch of paid models rocking tees with soft messaging and colorful designs, the truth of the matter is that we’ve gone back to the days of skulls, guns, and testosterone in the clothing industry; some of the most basic, in-your-face brands just haven’t caught up, and they’re clinging to that old worn-out stock of flower prints like their lives depend on it. 

Anti-Narrative Messaging

Nothing lasts forever, and if you push something long enough, people tend to get tired of it and move in the opposite direction. The same is true for certain ideas and aspects of our modern-day culture.

Five years ago, wearing something that was openly pro-gun, patriotic, or just willing to toss a raunchy joke out there might have been seen as taboo or offensive by some standards. Now?

Worrying about that is out the window.

More and more people are more than happy to show their support for the causes and ideas that they truly believe in. A man who spends 3 days a week at the range spewing lead wants his attire to show his love for his favorite hobby.

Someone who isn’t embarrassed by their country and the ideas it was founded on is more than happy to wear a shirt with Lady Liberty packing an AR-15 and night vision goggles. Of course, tip-toeing around everyone’s sensitivities is also on the way out, we’re seeing a lot more edginess when it comes to comedic prints.

If you’ve grown tired of having to go fully neutral or wear something that is toned down to the max with latest trends in the men's t-shirts, veteran-owned apparel is where you need to search for clothes.

Proper Fitting Activewear

Baggy clothing and overly tight clothing have more or less taken turns at the top for a while now. However, habits have been changing as of late. The need for stronger, more active bodies has become apparent. More people are getting out, going to the gym, enjoying outdoor skills, and generally focusing on having more active lifestyles. 

Whether that includes shooting at the range, camping, fishing, or just jogging around the neighborhood, the oversized and way-too-tight trends of yesterday just don’t match the fitness-oriented cultural shift.

That’s why form-fitting clothing is making a huge comeback with the latest trends in men's t-shirt market, and it’s not just for the guys who hang out at Gold’s all day. Practically everyone is upgrading their wardrobe. 

Form-fitting clothes simply allow you to move more effectively. They don’t affect your range of rotation, flexibility, or anything like that, and that means that, regardless of what it is you specifically enjoy doing, you can do it with confidence. You don’t have to worry about your clothing getting in the way.

Workout-Friendly Materials

This goes along with the previous point. No one wants to live an active lifestyle, get home, and realize they smell like a zoo and feel like they were just fully clothed at a waterpark. 

That’s why a lot of people are getting pickier about what materials go into their clothing. 

Materials that allow for moisture-wicking capabilities prevent bacteria growth and help cool the skin are all hot right now. This is exactly what our men’s training shorts, for example, do - and they do it phenomenally.

If you ignore every other trend on this list, this is the one you should pay attention to the most. The functionality these materials bring to the table is well worth it, regardless of your tastes and lifestyle choices.

Gear Friendly Designs

This is a big one. Obviously, people in certain career fields have to carry a variety of belt and vest gear pieces every day, and it has been that way forever. However, in the last decade or so, EDC has become a popular preparedness concept, and recreational activities that benefit from on-body gear have spiked in popularity.

Certain clothing designs just don’t work well with proper gear setups. Baggy clothes can get snagged on pocket clips or packed in between belts and straps, certain clothing options make firearm profiles too obvious for CCW carriers to feel comfortable, and other problems are created. 

We’re seeing a huge uptick in the market where people want clothing that doesn’t interfere with the items they’re carrying daily. It’s a consideration you should make if you do any of the things we listed above or, in short terms - wear combat clothing.

Where to Get Your latest trends in men's t-shirts

If you haven’t clicked off this article by now, you’re highly likely to be one of the guys we’re talking about who is adopting the latest trends in Men's T-Shirts, ready to put on some functional, testosterone-filled clothing, again.

If that’s true, and you want to follow the latest trends in men’s t-shirts, head over to the Combat Iron website. We’ve got your next wardrobe upgrade covered.

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