Find Out What are the Best Quality Men's T-Shirts in 2024

What are the Best Quality Men's T-Shirts? (Ultimate
Buying Guide)

Finding a high-quality T-shirt isn’t as easy as it should be. You want to make sure you check off a few key points to make sure your money is well spent on a long-lasting, well-made, comfortable shirt, and for the most part, the off-the-shelf options at your local big-box store won’t fit the bill. They’ll be worn out in a year and will likely have odd spots that don’t fit well, as well as some other potential problems.

Today, we’ll review the characteristics of the best quality men’s T-shirts and how to shop for them. Then we’ll point you toward your best options.

1: Quality of Materials

First and foremost, you have to consider the materials used to make the shirt. This is one of the three most important aspects determining whether or not the shirt will be comfortable, durable, and capable of aiding you throughout your day instead of hindering. Or, in short, if that tee is the best quality men’s T-shirt out there. Cotton, as in 100% natural cotton, is typically the best known for t-shirt material, however not the most common these days. Poly/Cotton mix is more commonly used now in the fitness and Military community, known for its cooling effects during warmer weather, relatively thick however not as thick as full cotton, and is very durability. Tees like these are perfect for those who are looking for men’s t-shirts for gym that can withstand a heavy usage cycle and still look brand new without the ugly sagging around the arms or neck. 

We say this to say all blends and styles of material are bought in today's market due to the variety and number of customers. Not one material is the best to everybody, and we suggest you try on and feel the differences in these type fabrics before making a final judgement. 

A Best Selling Men's T-Shirt in 2024

Veteran designed and printed 60/40 blend T-Shirt. Combat Iron branded tee, 100% perfect for all. Athletic tapper to not have the ugly, box look. 

  • True to Size Fit
  • Support Veteran Made
  • S-XXXL Sizing Available

2: Craftsmanship

This is the second of the three big characteristics you need to look at. It doesn’t matter if tee is made of cotton, gold, or unicorn dust, it’ll be a low-quality shirt if it’s not made with a little tender loving care during production. Anybody can grow vegtables, but it takes only the best farmers to take time to learn the best processes. Same with a t-shirt but tee's aren't grown in the ground like a carrot.

Stitching that isn’t done properly, loose strands, and other issues can make even a shirt made of the best materials fall apart way sooner than it should, and you shouldn’t settle for anything that has signs of that. This does tend to be a common issue due to mass production, however it is best if finding a string cut with scissors and burn slightly at end of cut to help lessen the fray. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that you can do to vet this unless you’re purchasing in person. Since most sales are made online today, you’ll want to heavily research the company you’re planning on buying from to see what others have said about the quality of the products they supply.

If you opt for a brand with a great reputation and lots of amazing reviews, you can trust that the T-shirt you buy will be made to a high standard.

Price obviously always plays into this. You rarely find a T-shirt that costs $5 that was made with the expectations you are looking for. Reasonable priced T-Shirt's range today anywhere from $25-$45. 

a tattooed man in a white Combat Iron high quality t-shirt.
Image from Combat Iron™​​
A man in a funny tahiti blue Combat iron shirt with tattoos
Image from Combat Iron™​​

"After hearing about the brand, I finally tried it out. I purchased the wrong size on accident but once I received my replacement package from their Custom Service team, the t-shirt felt great out of the package and felt even better after the first wash. Definitely will be ordering more soon. Customer for life.”

Customer - BK Ester

3: Design Factors

When we mention “design”, we don’t mean the artistic and very time-consuming part where we spend hours to design, draw, revise, redraw and print on the t-shirt. We’re talking about the product shape and contours of the shirt, the tapper if you will. Even something as basic as a T-shirt needs to be designed with attention to detail, as all the little details will add up in a big way.

You want to make sure that the shirt wasn’t just ripped off some cheap template. You want a shirt designed to meet a couple of requirements:

First, the torso of the shirt should be long enough to fully cover you with your arms raised above your head, and you shouldn’t have to buy an oversized shirt to experience that. In fact, the shirt should reach just below your waist while appropriately sized to prevent bagginess. We always recommend a tee long enough to conceal a CCW and keep yourself safe at all times. 

Next, you want the shoulders to be made with movement in mind. Have you ever worn a T-shirt that has the shoulders sewn so close to the body that it feels like you’re fighting the shirt to lift your arms high or rotate them too much? The shirt isn’t of much use to an active man if it functions as yet another obstacle.

The hems of the shirt, around the neck, armholes, and main opening, should be stitched exceptionally well, double stitched if at all possible and designed in a way that is both snug against your skin and breathable. If it’s too tight, you'll look like a boy in high school trying to be fake swole and it won't be comfortable. If it’s too loose, you’ll look like a 90s kid wearing oversized clothes from their dad's closet. Form-fitting is in. Look the part. And feel great while doing it.

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