A Guide to the Perfect Female Combat Outfit: Ladies That Slay in Camo

When you’re looking at combat-friendly clothing, it’s no secret that it tends to be heavily marketed to burly dudes most of the time. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. 

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there, or you need to try to make your favorite female-oriented brands fit the bill. 

In fact, Combat Iron Apparel loves outfitting the ladies among us with top-quality female combat outfits that are just as varied and reliable as our men’s clothing. We’re not partial here. 

Whether you’re looking to head out to the range and try a speed course, you work in a volatile environment and have a high likelihood of confrontation, or you just like being prepared every time you leave the house and want your clothes to function well with your gear, we’ve got the perfect clothes for you.

Check it out. 

1: Your Headgear

We’re going to work our way from your head down with some suggestions to put together a combat-worthy outfit that’s suitable year-round with minimal additions (you’ll obviously need to account for jackets and similar additions when the weather requires it). 

To start, grab one of our snapbacks. You can wait until you pick the rest of the outfits to find one that matches, or you can choose one of our more flexible designs that’ll match anything. This won’t stop a bullet or a baseball bat, but it will keep things out of your face, and it’ll help you stay on target in rain or shine

2: The Top

The top is one area that women need to put a little more consideration into than men. Obviously, many of you have some extra features up top that produce some unique challenges. 

To start, you want to make sure the top you’re buying for this allows for ample shoulder rotation and doesn’t get in the way of hip rotation, and since we’re looking at a general outfit that matches most weather conditions, there needs to be a partial sleeve at least. 

Our Thick AF Donut Edition Fitted Crop Top is perfect for this. All our clothes are meant to provide you with a full range of motion. The shirt comes right down to your waistline when sized properly, and it has half-sleeves.

However, it also features a cotton/spandex blend for the fabric. This gives it full stretch capability that can accommodate your chest while providing snug, active-lifestyle support. Besides, cotton is moisture-wicking. This means it will help pull sweat away from your body and keep you dry during the fight. 

3: Top Support

This ties back to supporting your chest. During combat, especially if you’re more endowed than others, you do not want your chest moving around and getting in the way

Our Luxe Y Back bra is perfect for this. It provides ample support without all the uncomfortable hooks and wires, and it’s designed to keep your chest still during workouts. So it blends well with a combat-friendly outfit. 

4: Bottoms

This is a category that can get a bit weird. We don’t have a ladies’ pants section yet. If you need long-legged pants for full coverage in a cool climate, we have an amazing line of men’s joggers that will fit and work great, but they’re not designed to show off your feminine curves. 

If shorts are an option, our Luxe High-Waisted shorts are an awesome option. They’re designed for athletic use, rugged, and they come up higher on your waist. So, if the crop top rides up a little, your waist still has a bit of protection. 

These are tight-fitted, and that allows you to move naturally, but it also means there’s nothing that can get caught on objects in the environment or be grabbed during a close-quarters engagement. 

5: Gear Carry

This female combat outfit will not only allow for exceptional mobility but also seamlessly integrate with your everyday carry (EDC) and essential self-defense items, ensuring you're prepared for any rough patch or combat situation.

For that, we recommend grabbing one of our V2 Sack Fanny Packs. They come in multiple design choices, but they all feature two large pockets, outside attachment points, and flexible carry options with a drainage port on the bottom. 

This is a crucial part of any outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed for combat if you don’t have anything on you. 

You can store your sidearm if open carry with our suggested outfit isn’t an option, stow away an IFAK kit because we all know that combat is a two-way street, and still have room for your normal essentials like a multitool, smartphone, battery pack, or that lip balm you can’t leave the house without. 

Possible Adjustments Worth Considering

The sections above are just recommendations. We have tons of clothes and accessories to choose from, and of course, you can always combine our gear with your other favorite items to really round out your outfit. 

Here are some basic alterations you can think of. 

1: Patches

If you’re kicking someone’s ass, you might as well have a great patch sending them a message while you do it. 

We have a variety of decals available that are perfect for your fanny pack, hat, or other pieces of clothing and gear. Consider getting a few and sticking them on. 

2: Leggings

Our recommended shorts are great in warm weather, and if you’re being active, they’ll work great in the fall, too. However, you might want to consider packing some leggings to toss under them for when you need to stay warm.

3: EDC Backpack

We sell a 25L backpack alongside our fannies, and they’re perfect for storing more substantial gear options throughout your day. You can turn it into a car bag to ensure you’re always near a personal cache of everything you need to get through a difficult situation, use it to build a get-home bag if SHTF, or just carry some extra layers in case the weather changes.

4: Clip-On Gear Options

Our recommended outfit isn’t pocket-heavy, and your sidearm will take up a good portion of your fanny pack unless you’re really packing a tiny pea shooter. So, consider grabbing some carabiners and clip-on gear options often designed for keychains to ensure you’ve got everything you might need in an easily accessible spot on your outfit.


If you’re ready to make your first (or new) female combat outfit, you’re in the right place.

Browse our all-women’s shop and find all the equipment pieces you need!

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