Can Combat Apparel Be Used in a Combat Situation? Everything You Need to Know

At Combat Iron Apparel, we know we appeal to a certain crowd. It’s the sheepdogs of society that really get our brand.

The dudes and badass chicks who don’t just want to get off the couch and actually experience life but also jump into action and handle the problem when SHTF, whether that's a violent altercation between two idiots, an officer who needs help, or something far bigger with a lot more at stake.

As such, we know you’re probably wondering if our combat apparel is good in combat situations

Let’s settle that right here and right now. 

Can You Wear Our Clothes in a Combat Situation? 

First and foremost, the real question you should be asking is if you SHOULD wear our clothes in a combat situation. You can technically wear your skivvies into battle if you really want to.

The problem is, you don’t want the clothing you have on to fail you and leave your boys dangling in the wind mid-firefight. Not only would you be a lot less effective trying to wrangle Little Jimmy back into his holding pen, but the 5 O’Clock news story covering the incident would be a lot more embarrassing, too. 

So, yes. You can wear our clothes in a combat situation. However, we do need to go into some specifics.

What Combat Situations are Appropriate for Combat Iron Apparel? 

If you’re enlisted, we know you’d love to wear our trademark rubber ducky t-shirt on your next deployment, but that’s not going to go over well with your CO. 

In a situation where you are planning to go into combat, whether that means you’re a PM or an active duty member of the armed forces, you obviously want to be properly kitted out to handle the situations you’ll be facing

As much as we love our products, these are street clothes. These are clothes that you’re going to wear out and about, to the gym, on your next camping trip, and in similar situations.

For the big stuff that you plan, where applicable, we want you to wear the gear that’s going to facilitate your survival to the maximum. So, you definitely want to opt for something else. 

However, combat situations aren’t always planned deployments into danger zones. Unfortunately, these days, you can end up in a firefight during your morning jog.

Just recently, a madman attacked a playground with a machete, and a brave young man had to jump in and go after the nutjob with a backpack.

We bet he’d have appreciated being properly prepared to deal with that scenario. That’s not an isolated incident, either. It’s happening all over the country every single day. 

That’s where our apparel excels

You need to be properly equipped with high-quality combat apparel in combat situations, without looking like a nutjob yourself, to handle those incidents where somebody needs to step up. 

Obviously, the bigger factor in those scenarios is the gear you have. Are you wearing a plate carrier?

Do you have a firearm, a self-defense tool, and a non-lethal option on your body and ready to go?

Are you mentally equipped to jump in and handle those situations?

Those are the items that you’ll be making your moves with. 

However, your clothing impacts how easy it is for you to maneuver, whether or not that gear is comfortable to wear, and, of course, whether or not the clothing fails and leaves you in the unfortunate situation we talked about earlier. 

Combat Iron Apparel is built around those principles and more because we’re vets. We have fought both in planned combat situations on the front lines and in our day-to-day lives when things went down. 

Here are the traits our clothes have that make them reliable and trustworthy when you have to take action in your day-to-day life. 

1: Rugged Durability

You don’t need your shorts ripping and letting Little Jimmy pop out to say hello during a firefight, you don’t want your shirt ripping and catching on your gear, and in general, you don’t want to have to replace either of those items; even if they just rip because of poor form in the gym or some other mundane reason. 

So, we make our clothes with a focus on durability. When you go into combat, you’re stepping into hell. Combat Iron Apparel is designed to walk through it with you and come out without a scratch. 

2: Fit to Form

This is huge. A lot of clothing is not very compatible with the natural shape of a well-chiseled body. The shoulders are tight, the legs are too long, etc. 

Those things are dangerous in combat. Whether it’s hand-to-hand or you’re engaging with firearms. You need clothes that facilitate the natural movement of your body in every position that you can possibly find yourself in

When our vets get to work designing shirts and pants, they use their own combat experience to design combat clothes that are built around those high-intensity movements.

You’re going to draw fast, run without being constricted, and have a free rotation of your limbs and joints to ensure you’re easily capable of putting your training to the test. 

3: Gear Friendly

Finally, what good is a trendy outfit that lasts practically forever and feels great if you can’t comfortably slip it on under a plate carrier or if it gets in the way of belt gear and other stuff you need? 

We take that into consideration. While we don’t make our clothing specifically designed with certain pieces of gear in mind, our clothes do mesh well with the gear you’re going to be strapping on.

You certainly don’t have to worry about our shirts getting in the way of your holster or snagging on your multi-tool pouch

Keep in mind these are street clothes. So, tactical pouches and other bits aren’t sewn in or anything like that. 

However, the vast majority of our pants and men’s shorts, as well as women’s shorts, are equipped with cargo pockets that offer ample room for EDC kits, self-defense implements, and more. 

Be a Societal Sheepdog and Look Great with Combat Iron Apparel

At Combat Iron Apparel, we support the sheepdogs of society since we are a veteran-owned clothing company. We want you to be well-equipped with high-quality combat apparel in combat situations that may wait around the corner.

We also don’t want you to look like a nut walking through your local big box store in full combat garb. 

So, we make trendy clothes that are going to facilitate your survival AND make you look great

Browse our store today and find the perfect fit for every day.

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