Best Clothes for Camping: Camping Apparel Made Right

Camping is a cherished traditional pastime in America. Fathers taking sons into the woods and teaching them the same skills their fathers taught them decades before will never go out of style. It doesn’t have many requirements either. Just a brain, some simple gear, and a plan to get in and out in one piece. 

However, even though it’s a traditional pastime and even a way of life for some, there are some significant challenges involved. That’s part of the fun of it. You’re in the thick of it, you’re testing yourself, and you’re having fun. 

That doesn’t mean you need to do it in unoptimized gear and just make everything worse. 

In fact, it’s smart to go in fully kitted out to ensure that you’re ready if anything happens, and you’re prepared enough to mitigate the chance of “things” happening. 

A big part of that is your clothing. You can’t just turn the heat or AC on, you can’t randomly dig through your closet for something more comfortable, and if you end up in a sticky spot, it’s the clothes on your back that are going to be with you until you get out. 

Here’s how you recognize the best clothes for camping. Whether you’re having fun at a campground with pools and trails, or you’re deep in our beautiful woodlands.

Let’s dive in!

Combat Iron Active Wear

When you think of our brand, you probably think of snarky graphics and gym clothes. Sure, we provide both of those things. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. 

We’re a vet-owned and operated company. Everyone here has dealt with nature’s bad side far more than we’d have liked to, and when we design clothing, it’s not just meant to help you get through a workout. It’s supposed to be a badass outfit that enhances your natural performance. 

Believe it or not, the clothing and gear we sell are absolutely perfect for camping. 

Here’s why. 

1: Durability Focused

You didn’t think that a bunch of guys who served all over the world and put their asses on the line were making clothes that tore to shreds the second you did a sit-up, did you?

The best clothes for camping are built to last, and camping tends to take a heavy toll on clothing. You’re maneuvering through thick brush, seams are getting ripped, and sleeves are catching on random twigs. You need clothes that can handle that, or you’re going to be half-naked before you get back to your car for the long ride home. 

Our clothes provide the durability you need to get out there and push yourself to the limits. 

2: Maneuverability

You need clothes that last, but you also need clothes that will facilitate the movements that you’re going to have to make. That natural world isn’t like your living room or the office. You can’t just haphazardly hobble all over the place. You have to move around its intricate twists, turns, and obstacles. 

Our clothes are built specifically for that. Much of our lineup is designed with training and physical activity in mind

You’re not going to rip a seam and end up with your jelly beans dangling in the woods when you wear our clothes. They stretch and form your body and move exactly as you do. So, whether you’re vaulting a downed tree, or you’re just jogging a well-known trail, our apparel will serve you well. 

3: Temperature Control

Everyone thinks of food, water, and shelter when they think of running into a rough spot. Those are all key. However, your temperature can kill you before starvation or thirst. 

Obviously, shelter helps with this, but think of what happens if you go out for firewood and get lost in a frigid rainstorm. Think about what happens if it’s extremely hot, you’re wearing yourself out, and you walk off to find a fishing hole. 

Your clothing is just as important as your shelter when you camp. It’s like a built-in shelter, really. 

Our clothing is designed to help your body naturally regulate its temperature. Are you going to survive sub-zero temps in training pants and a T-shirt? No. You’re turning into an unfortunate ice cube. However, most situations aren’t like that. People usually get hurt because they underestimate how much water they’re losing, or they underestimate how cold they get when they’re wet. 

Our clothes provide a solid layer of defense that, when combined with appropriate layers and common sense, you can avoid those situations. 

4: Quality

If you could potentially be relying on your clothing to get you through a rough situation, you don’t want to be stuck relying on something that was tossed together without a thought. You want something that was made with pride and built to handle the situation you’re in

At Combat Iron Apparel, we refuse to cut corners, and we ensure that every piece of clothing we ship is made to the highest standards. These are clothes made by people who have been through the toughest scenarios, to ensure that our customers can get through the toughest scenarios. When you’re out in the wilderness pushing yourself and taking in what life really has to offer, our clothes can keep pace with you throughout it all. 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Combat Iron Apparel

Heading out into the great outdoors is not only a tradition, but it’s an almost necessary part of life. It distances us from all the random things occurring in the world and pushes us to learn new things and engage with the natural world around us for a change. 

However, it is dangerous sometimes, and even when it’s not, comfort is still a concern. Combat Iron Apparel is here to make sure you have the best clothes for camping that will completely evolve the way you look at camping. 

When you’re looking for clothes that are built to last, we’re your saviors. Our clothes are made from high-quality materials that won’t give out when you need them the most. 

Browse our shop today!

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