Why Our Trust God. Not Government. is A Must-Have in Any Patriots Wardrobe

Looking for clothes that fit your active lifestyle, look good, and most importantly, perform when you need them most? You're at the right place.

Trust God, Not Government. is our bestselling print at Combat Iron Apparel.

Our apparel reminds you that the government, after all, is nothing but a man-made entity, and you should have every right to exercise your own choice. This lineup of hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and accessories is meant to fill your heart with pride and patriotism and make your training sessions more productive.

Trust God. Not Government. apparel is a must-have in your wardrobe because it will help you meet your weight goals and honor first responders. The quality and style of our designs are essential reasons to invest in this clothing. Not to mention that the sales from our tees directly support vets!

Support First Responders with the Trust God. Not Government. Tee

Stand by the people who stand by your country with our authentic Veteran Made line of Trust God. Not Government. apparel, including shirts, hoodies, and other accessories for men and women. When you sport these Combat iron Apparel, you are not only supporting the military, veterans, and first responders but also honoring the service they do to protect us. Showing solidarity with the individuals who risk goes further than monetary support; it's a statement of our values as people and a nation.


As our signature cut and styled tee for over 7 years, this extremely soft yet durable made tee is designed for comfort, style and quality. With a true to size fit using only premium pre-shrunk ringspun fabric, you can wear these over and over without fabric issues. All t-shirts come with double stitched hems for added durability and sleeves that fit perfectly around your arms giving your bicep/tricep justice they deserve. 

  • Fabric: preshrunk 60/40 poly/cotton ringspun blend
  • Style: athletic/everyday wear
  • Fit: properly around chest and arms without sag. Tappers slightly going down to waistline. 
  • Touch: soft to touch/not rough or scratchy
  • Sizing tag: tagless print for comfort
  • No sag collar 
  • Athletic fitting sleeves

Feel Powerful in your Trust God. Not Government. Apparel 

Combat Iron Apparel clothing is all about inspiring you to be the best version of yourself, leaving behind any weakness that might drag you down. When you slip into our Premium Grade Apparel, you feel strong AF, empowered, and energized to follow our motto, lift heavy. Move fast. Stay deadly. Our Trust God. Not Government. clothing, reminds you of the incredible strength of our braveheart military forces and pushes you to achieve every goal with determination.

Our Apparel Uses Superior Quality Materials

We craft our lineup with premium-grade apparel, so you feel comfortable all year round. We use pre-shrunk fabric for our t-shirts, with double-stitched hems for extra durability. So you can wear our creations for a long time without worrying about wear and tear or any kind of fabric-related issues. Feeling Strong AF, performing to your peak abilities, and supporting the people around you requires a wardrobe that can keep up; that is why we only use high-quality battle-tested materials and products at Combat Iron Apparel.

Trust God. Not Government. Patriotic T-Shirt
Image from www.combatironapparel.com​​

We Work Hard To Bring You USA-Made Products 

We work hard to produce the maximum amount of American-Made products possible. Every piece of Combat Iron Apparel premium grade apparel clothing is proudly embroidered, printed, customized, and fulfilled in the USA, in our North Georgia-based production facility! To extend our appreciation towards the hardworking people of our nation, we offer exclusive discounts for the military, responders, teachers, medical practitioners, and students. If you fall into either of these categories, feel free to avail your discount here. Veteran Made. Designed for all.

The Trust God. Not Government. Apparel Line is Perfect for Athletes 

We live the TACTICAL ATHLETE™ mantra! If you need top-notch training apparel for the gym, track, and battlefield, our collection is a perfect choice. Run, lift, stretch, wrestle, respond, save, and care – your Combat Iron Apparel tees and tanks will keep supporting you when you need them most. Made to endure extreme conditions, our clothing is incredibly resilient, just like you. Lift heavy. Move fast. Stay deadly.

All Of Our Products are Stylish With Versatile Design 


Combat Iron Apparel is Veteran Made. Designed for all. Besides functionality, we also prioritize style and versatility. We don't only want you to feel Strong AF; we want you to look and live the Strong AF lifestyle! Our Trust God. Not Government. lineup from Combat Iron Apparel is available for both men and women. They fit you like a glove and also keep up your style quotient. Products are available in multiple color variants to suit different tastes and preferences.

Shop Combat Iron’s Trust God. Not Government. Collection Today and Support Vets


If you are proud of your country's armed forces, if you are grateful to the people that stay awake day and night to keep you protected, if you are a Tactical Athlete, and if you have a heart of steel that doesn't flinch at the face of the toughest circumstances – Combat Iron Apparel is the brand for you. Shop for our Trust God. Not Government. graphic products today. 

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