Combat Iron Apparel Co.: because nothing says 'badass' like a t-shirt that's been through more battles than your liver on a Saturday night.

-CMBT Writing Team

What's up, shirt lovers! If you're looking for a brand that screams "FAFO" but feels like you're wearing clouds, you gotta check out Combat Iron Apparel Co. Our team doesn't play around - Ran by a group of veterans who know how to make killer apparel and quick on the spot decisions for the good of all. In 2024, Combat Iron Apparel Co. is hands down one of the best and fastest growing, if not the best veteran-made t-shirt brand out there.

History of Combat Iron Apparel Co.

Launching Combat Iron Apparel Co. back in 2016 with one mission: to create dope-as-hell apparel that looks good, fit's well, all while always backing the military. We wanted shirts that looked amazing but could also be seen out in the wild doing crazy shit. And let's just say, we did it. Combat Iron Apparel Co. has quickly become known for the brands high-quality, functional apparel and accessories, and the teams dedication to supporting the veteran community. 

Quality and Design

We all know that looks matter, and Combat Iron Apparel Co. knows how to make shirts that turn heads. Our Patriotic and fitness styled designs are the perfect blend of badass and stylish, with options that range from subtle to in-your-face. And let's not forget about the quality - these shirts are made from high-quality materials and printed with the kind of precision that'll make your ex jealous. 

designs and artwork

Let's take a moment to appreciate the exquisite artwork and designs of Combat Iron Apparel Co. Their collection boasts a wide array of options, from intricate skull motifs to understated camo patterns, all while embodying a sense of patriotism that pays homage to the military. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is exceptional and is sure to make you feel like a modern-day warrior. With each wear, you'll exude a sense of confidence that will leave your past fashion faux pas in the dust. Just a fair warning, these shirts are so epic, they might inspire you to flex your biceps and break into a spontaneous slow-motion jog (we've all been there). 

Join the ranks of those who appreciate style, quality, and a commitment to supporting veterans - try out Combat Iron Apparel Co. today and see why they're the undisputed champions of veteran-made t-shirt brands.

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