Tactical Style Clothing Guide: Creating Tactical Clothing for Civilians

At Combat Iron Apparel, we don’t make it a secret that our clothes are made by vets and designed to kick ass. These aren’t just trendy outfits for you to wear to some bespoke coffee shop and complain. These are clothes that are meant to get things done. 

Part of that mentality means that we insert certain tactical outfits elements into our apparel.

No, we aren’t trying to turn every random Joe into a member of SEAL Team 6. No, we’re not trying to get civilians to cosplay as Rambo and drive all their sheepish neighbors nuts. It’s not about that. 

It’s about having clothing that facilitates your ability to act when you need to. Something that is sorely missing in the world. 

When we say “tactical clothing for civilians”, we can already hear the screeching. So, take a breath, jam the vein back into your forehead, and hear us out. 

We’re going to go over what makes our clothing “tactical”, what to expect from it, and why you need it. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Tactical Clothing for Civilians? 

As we said, our tactical clothing is not mall ninja garbage. It’s not designed to help jerks steal valor, and we’re not in the business of helping armchair Rambos cosplay like they’re “back in ‘Nam”. Tactical clothing is far more complicated than that. 

You won’t find camo, BDU replicas, or anything like that in our product lineup. In fact, if you take a look at Combat Iron Apparel, you’ll find a bunch of rubber duckies wearing old combat helmets, pineapples, and cannabis references. 

So, what are we making? What makes all that silly stuff “tactical”? 

Well, it comes down to the design. 

While our clothes are hip, trendy, and show off our darker sense of humor, they’re not just random t-shirts and shorts. 

When our vets design our T-shirts and other clothes, each item is made with combat-level intensity in mind. Will this clothing get in the way of full-body movement?

Will your pew-pew hang out of your waistband? Can you fall off a big-ass cliff and expect the shirt to be in better shape than you are?

Those are the questions we ask ourselves while designing these clothing items. 

It’s not about an image, and it’s not about freaking out the more spineless people around us. We just want damn good clothing that is as ready as we are for something to pop off. 

That’s what we mean by “tactical” clothing. When we make clothing, it’s designed to allow your body to do whatever it needs to do at a moment’s notice without falling apart like your average garbage. 

Why Tactical Clothing for Civilians? 

“Why do civilians need tactical clothing?” We could provide a stereotypical retort about you being a freedom-hating pansy for asking that, but instead, let’s go over some facts. 

Every day, there seems to be a new headline about somebody being offed in the streets, and several grown men stare at the situation with their phones out because they weren’t raised right. 

We’re not catering to the crowd that stands around braindead during a serious situation. We’re catering to warriors. Civilian or not. 

We offer combat clothing because the sheepdogs and warriors of society deserve clothes that match their spirits. 

What Makes Our Clothes Tactical? 

You’ve probably never watched a war movie where all the soldiers were running around with rubber duckies and pot leaves on their uniforms. So, what makes our silly stuff “tactical”? 

Well, there are several traits that move our clothing into that category without all the stereotypical stuff. 

We’re more than happy to go over each detail. 

1: Movement

Have you ever grabbed a shirt off the shelf and tried to do a pull-up or maneuver in an odd way? The shirt rips, and you look ridiculous. 

We changed that game. Infused with elements of tactical outfits, our clothes are engineered to provide you with a full range of motion, regardless of the situation or the challenge at hand.

Sure, you might be wearing some rubber duckies on your shirt and having a good time, but if you need to leap into action, climb up a tree, and save a kitten, your shirt won’t rip at the seams by the time you get back down. 

2: Durability

You can’t call something tactical if it falls apart two seconds after you start using it. Mall ninja companies try all the time, but they fail miserably and look stupid. 

Our clothes are meant to take a beating. You can wear them to the gym, fight off an attacker, or fall off a cliff, and your clothes will probably be in better shape than you are by the end of it. That’s called value. 

3: EDC and CCW Friendly

Finally, we get to the good stuff. Yeah, our clothing lasts practically forever, and it lets you move around like Spider-Man on stimulants, but how does it mesh with gear? Lucky for you, our vets thought of that. 

No, you can’t magically jam a 12-gauge down your pants and look extremely impressive, but you can pack some heat and blend in with all the people who hate the Second Amendment.

If you have some EDC tools and items you want to pack, our shorts and pants aren’t going to slide off your ass while carrying them, and there are plenty of ways to conceal those items to keep from looking like a psychopath. 

Long story short, we care about your ability to take care of yourself, and we’re not going to create clothing that doesn’t allow you to do that. As long as you have a basic understanding of EDC and CCW, you can find a way to get your must-have gear into our clothing without looking insane, and that’s what really counts, right? 

Buy Vet-Designed, Combat-Ready, Badass Clothing 

If you’re tired of sitting around like a bump on a log, watching society slide into chaos, and feeling that urge to step up, make a difference, and protect your fellow man, Combat Iron Apparel is just the brand you've been looking for.

We don’t design clothes that are merely for show or mimicry. While we aren’t aiming to make you look like G.I Joe parading down the boulevard, we've integrated tactical outfit elements into our designs to ensure that our tactical civilian clothing is stylish and functional.

These pieces aren't just for looks; they're crafted with a purpose in mind.

If you're ready for clothing that truly stands out and gets the job done in every sense, check us out. We’re here to bridge the gap between style and strategy.

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