Shoulder Fanny Pack: The Trend That's Taking Over the EDC World

In the EDC world, it seems you’re always being flooded with new gizmos. Some of them are practical items that make sense, and some of them are luxurious, unnecessary things such as fancy designer screwdrivers made of moon rocks and unicorn horns. 

It can be pretty hard to keep up with things and properly equip yourself for whatever comes your way. You always have to wonder if you should invest in an EDC item, no matter how highly recommended the product is. 

However, there is one trend that’s taking the EDC world by storm right now, and it’s not something that’ll set you back half your paycheck just to leave you wondering why you bought it. 

A shoulder fanny pack. 

A good EDC bag is essential for anyone getting into EDC. The more stuff you accumulate and grow reliant upon, the less your pockets tend to be enough. 

Today, we’re going to look over the shoulder fanny pack trend and figure out why it’s becoming the preferred way to haul your gear around. 

Carry Capacity

As we said, the more stuff you accumulate and integrate into your daily carry, the more you realize your pants pockets just don’t have the space needed to carry everything. 

Any type of EDC bag fixes that, but a fanny pack tends to be a more balanced option. 

You don’t need a full backpack worth of EDC gear everywhere you go. That’s a great option to leave in your car, but it’s too bulky and attention-grabbing to wear it everywhere. 

A fanny pack is a lot more reasonably sized and greatly increases your carrying capacity, without being bulky or grabbing too much attention. 

Gym-Friendly Carry

Even if you don’t carry much, and you can easily set up an EDC system using only your normal jean pockets, that becomes a problem the second you decide to go to the gym or do anything like that. 

Training shorts and training joggers don’t usually have enough pockets, and even when they do, they usually aren’t rigid enough for you to safely clip things to them and prevent them from falling out.

Couple that with your increased physical activity, and you can end up losing all your crap the second you do your warm-up. 

A shoulder fanny pack prevents that. You can stuff your essentials in it, hang it over your shoulder, and trust that everything you need will be secure throughout your workout. 

On-Body Positioning

A shoulder fanny pack rides around your chest or side while the strap snugs up against your shoulder. Despite the name, it’s a lot like a crossbody bag. 

This is a convenient position. It’s out of the way during physical activity, you can reach everything and clearly see what you’re grabbing at regardless of your position, and overall, it’s a lot more convenient than a normal fanny pack or backpack. 

This is key. 

Your EDC is meant to be on you ALL day. Obviously, you’re going to transition between a number of activities, and you need your bag to be conveniently located and easy to use throughout all of them. 

A shoulder fanny pack provides that capability. 

Fashion Friendly

We won’t sit here and lie to you. Fanny packs have been out of style for a long time. Traditionally, they’re weird little purses that ride on your hip like a belt, and that’s not exactly something that goes well with modern fashion trends. 

However, the shoulder fanny pack works great. Whether you’re male or female, wearing formal or casual clothing, or anything else, a shoulder fanny pack will look perfectly fine with most attire. So, you can pack your EDC everywhere you go without looking out of place or grabbing too much attention


One of the most important aspects of a shoulder fanny pack is that it actually secures your items. As long as you’re wearing it, and you have it zipped up, nothing is going to fall out of it, get caught on something and yanked out, or anything else. 

For example, if you use your pockets for important EDC items such as your phone, and someone wants it, they can just reach in and grab your phone from your pocket. If you have it zipped up in your bag, they’re going to have to go through you to get the bag first. 

Obviously, you can’t put everything in the bag. Unless you can’t wear your knife, gun, flashlight, or other key item, those things need to be immediately accessible for those serious situations where a mere second of delay can cost you your life. 

However, it is a great option for things that you don’t need to have at the ready in a heartbeat. EDC tools, money, your phone, and similar things are all prime options for that. 

How to Get the Most Out of a Shoulder Fanny Pack for EDC

If you want to get the most out of a shoulder fanny pack, there are two things we recommend. 

First, consider buying an organizer that fits inside of it. There are tons of different options available, and this will help you keep everything neat and tidy. Your EDC consists of items you need every day, and you don’t want to have to rummage around looking for key items every time you need them. So, even if it’s a simple organizer, pick one up, organize your gear, and add another layer of functionality to your bag. 

Secondly, we recommend getting a bag that is made to a superb quality standard

You’ll be using your bag daily, and you’re an active person. A cheap bag will fall apart quickly, and then you mess up your entire EDC system. 

We’ve got you covered, though. 

At Combat Iron, we offer the best shoulder fanny packs designed to keep your everyday essentials safe whether you’re in the office, at the gym, or kicking someone’s ass to stop a violent crime. Our fanny packs can take whatever you throw at them. 

All our products are also veteran-designed, and we’re a veteran-owned and operated company. 

Check out our fanny pack sack options today and get yourself an EDC upgrade!

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