DO MILFS. NOT DRUGS. Best Selling Summer Hit by Combat Iron Apparel Co.

Peer Pressure can get hard, just like when you see a Milf. Proudly rock the new Combat Iron Do Milfs. Not Drugs. Design and let the world know what you're all about.

A tattooed man in a combat iron Do Milfs. Not Drugs. black t-shirt
Image from Combat Iron Apparel Co.​​
man with Combat Iron Do Milfs. Not Drugs. Shirt
Image from Combat Iron Apparel Co.​​

The newest Veteran Designed Shirt that's Cooler than Your Last Cool Shirt! 

do milfs. not drugs.

Are you tired of your friends pressuring you to try drugs? Want to make a statement without compromising your style? Look no further than our 'Do Milfs. Not Drugs.' shirt! It's the perfect way to show off your anti-drug stance while looking like a fashion icon letting all the Milfs around you know how you're DTF. In this blog post, we'll dive into why our shirt is the coolest way to say "no thanks" to drugs but "thanks" to all the mamas. 


-Look badass in this DO MILFS. NOT DRUGS T-Shirt!!!

Drugs have always been in the topic of dangerous things for people to do. However what isn't in that market, is MILFS. MILFS are perfect examples of what is safe, healthy and normally educational. Take full advantage today by getting this shirt.

  • Shirt is made to encourage you to say no to drugs.
  • True to Size, PreShrunk

Available in many different color options and sizes.

Spread the Word how drugs are bad. But Milfs are good!

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"Guaranteed to get you the attention you want and need. Also feel good about yourself promoting an Anti-Drug mindset with the Do Milfs. Not Drugs. t-shirt”

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