Best Shorts for Lifting: A Veteran’s List

As hard as it might be to hear for some folks, if you’re a bit pudgy, or even a string bean, you’re not combat effective. With life getting harder every day, now is the perfect time to get out there, shred those abs, and turn your body into the rock-hard, badass, machine that can get things done. That is going to require quite a bit of lifting and training. 

However, the clothes you wear have an impact on how effectively you can do that. If you’re constantly competing with your clothes, you’re going to have bad form, get injured, and pack on the pounds while you sit around. That, or you’re going to get tired of it and retire to the couch before you make any headway. 

To give you the best chance of sticking with your routine and staying in combat-ready shape, we’ve put together this list of the best shorts for lifting. They’ll stay out of the way, won’t fall down mid-squat, and they’ll perform just as well as you do whether it’s in the gym or during a serious situation. 

Take a look. 

1: Ranger Panty

Now, if you’re a bit bashful, or stuck in some boring formal office all day, these shorts might not be for you. However, they maximize your efficiency as much as a pair of shorts can. 

The ranger panty training shorts are the thigh-high shorts made from a polyester and spandex blend. They’re snug around the waist with a stretch-fit band, slightly loose around the thighs, and snug around the legs. 

This gives you plenty of breathing room around your nether regions, ensures they won’t slip off, and allows you to move naturally instead of the shorts limiting your movement or getting in the way. 

The only real downside to these is that they’re exceptionally short. That’s going to turn some guys off of them, but there are other options on this list. Not to mention, when you finally chisel those legs into stone-hard examples of perfection, you’ll be dying to show them off. 

2: Mesh Lifestyle Shorts

Combat Iron Apparel’s mesh lifestyle shorts are great all-around shorts that just so happen to be an excellent choice for the gym

Best Shorts for Lifting - Mesh Lifestyle Shorts

When you’re lifting, you’re sweating. For the most part, that’s fine. It’ll keep you cool and let you know you’re working hard enough to see results. However, it’s not pleasant when you feel like your little fella is swimming around in a swamp the whole time, your thighs are sticking together, and you’re constantly digging your shorts out of the various crevices of your nether regions. 

These help with that. 

These shorts ride just above the knee. So, they provide a bit more coverage than the ranger panties. However, they’re also made from a mesh material that allows for maximum airflow. Even when you’re sweating enough to fill a swimming pool, you’ll have a soft summer breeze blowing through your intimate area and keeping everything fresh. 

As a bonus, they look great, and they’re appropriate for any casual environment. You’re not stuck only wearing them at the gym. So, if you’re in a rush to go from the gym to pick the kids up from school, have to get to the Super Bowl party right after you lift, or want to wear your gym shorts to the park for a day of extreme frisbee with the guys, these shorts can tag along for the ride. 

3: Men’s Hybrid Athletic Shorts

These are similar to the lifestyle shorts I talked about, but they’re more geared toward athletic performance. You’ll enjoy moisture-wicking fabric, plenty of airflow, and natural movement. The built-in size adjustment lace also allows you to keep wearing these as your body thickens up from constant muscle building. However, they’re casually designed and look great in any environment that isn’t formal just like the lifestyle shorts. 

As a bonus, these are made for water and dry land. So, if you want to hop in the gym’s pool to cool down or work on your cardio after your workout, you’re good to go without bringing your swimming trunks. 

4: Performance V3 Training Shorts

Performance V3 Training Shorts are the ultimate pair of shorts for any sort of workout. Not just lifting. 

Combat Iron Apparel’s V3 Performance technology has outperformed everything else on the market. 

Notably, these above-the-knee shorts manage to look great in casual settings while also offering the top benefits for those living active lifestyles. 

First, they’re quick-drying. That means when you sweat, or they get wet after you jog in the rain, you’re not forced to switch to new shorts. They’ll be dry in a short bit like nothing ever happened. 

The mesh fabric also ramps up the breathability of these shorts over other options I’ve covered in similar styles. You’ll feel great when your legs can breathe, cut back on post-workout odor, and generally feel a lot more comfortable throughout your day. 

Best Shorts for Lifting - Performance V3 Training Shorts

However, it’s the inclusion of a three-pocket system that makes them stand out. You get two front pockets and a rear pocket to help you carry your most necessary EDC gear everywhere you go. Most workout shorts have two half-assed pockets on the sides that you can’t rely on for anything. You certainly don’t want to put your wallet, phone, or other high-value items in them, because I guarantee you’ll lose those things the second you start your warmup. 

The Performance V3 pockets are deep and reliable, and they’re more than enough to carry your gear while you’re going about your day. I’d still recommend keeping breakable items out of your pockets in the weight room, though. One mistake, and you’re shelling out hundreds for a new phone regardless of how deep it is in the pocket. 

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You need the very best shorts for lifting if you want to maximize your efficiency and enjoy your workout. Combat Iron Apparel can help. 

All the shorts we’ve talked about here can be found in the our shop, and they’re designed by veterans who know what’s required from activewear apparel. 

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