Packin’ Heat and Packin’ Meat: Best Men’s Shorts for Summer

Alright, guys. Summer is here, and it’s time for us all to admit something. That old trend of tossing on some baggy jean shorts has been out of style for a while. That, and it’s not conducive for training, tactical encounters, or getting out into the great outdoors.

Nowadays, we all have to get with the times and start adopting some new fashion habits. To start things off, we want to talk a bit about the best men’s shorts for summer available and point you toward some popular options.

Let’s dive right in!

What to Look for in Summer Shorts: Key Features of the Perfect Dude-Friendly Shorts

Not all summer shorts are the same, and that’s a fact. When picking and choosing what’s going to keep all the moving parts and your EDC firearm in place, it’s smart to have some keypoints to go off of.

Here are some things we recommend you direct your attention to.

1: Breathable Material

This is a big one; especially for guys who are living active lifestyles trying to stay hard and ready to rock.

Your favorite baggy jean shorts just don’t cut it here, and as you’ve probably experienced, your family makers start sweating up a storm, sticking to places they shouldn’t, and generally, it becomes an uncomfortable mess.

The shorts we recommend are designed to keep your thighs, rear, and sensitive bits breathing just as well as if you were going commando.

That not only makes you a lot more comfortable, but it frees up your mind so you can focus on what matters.

No yanking things away from your thighs, readjusting, or feeling like you just sat in a puddle during intense workouts; just good old-fashioned productivity.

2: Resilience

You’re a man. Your day off consists of more than just going to Starbucks or lounging around all day. You’re hitting the range, hiking, tearing up the gym, and generating as much testosterone as possible to stay young, healthy, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

You need shorts that are going to hold up to that abuse.

Cotton and proper design make that possible. The material itself is extremely durable, and when it’s used properly like it is for our top choice, you can trust your shorts to go through all the abuse you can toss at them.

This is key. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of an intense workout and your boys start saying hello to everyone with a line of sight because of some ripped shorts.

3: Masculine Designs That Highlight Your Hard Work

You put in a lot of work to tone your body and stay fit. Unless you’re lounging around the house after a long day, you probably want to show the results of your hard work off. That doesn’t just let you show off your hard work. It’s the trend, now.

As more people have become health-conscious, the days of covering up and being modest are out. Potential partners, your gym buds, and even your coworkers want to see lean, healthy, bodies that aren’t ashamed to put themselves out there in tasteful ways.

Our designs aim to do just that. They’re long enough to make sure you’re properly covered, baggy enough to be comfortable and allow for movement, and short enough to show off the defined muscles you’ve been beating your own ass in the gym to get.

Shouldn’t the best men’s shorts for summer be able to do all that? We certainly think so.

4: Brand Values

Now, some people think about this a lot, and others just want a good deal on a great product. Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer.

However, we would like to put our brand values up front and center so those who care know exactly what we stand for. We don’t beat around the bush or try to appease everyone. We have values and we stick to them.

We’re a 100% veteran-owned apparel brand, and all our designs are designed and made by veterans. If that didn’t tip you off, we’re not exactly into crying about guns, putting down the military, or trashing our flag. In fact, we take the exact opposite route.

We support every American’s right to say what they want, protect themselves and their neighbors from evil, and live their lives as they see fit.

We love our country and fought to protect it. On top of all that, we love our fellow vets, and we support them by highlighting their designs, working closely with them, and standing by them until the end.

If that sounds good to you, come check us out. If not, we’d like to direct you to our social media page where we show that we stand by our values every time someone knocks on our cool-ass designs or messaging.

5: Carry-Friendly

Finally, a well-prepared man who’s ready to take action when needed is always packing. Even when you’re showing off your chiseled legs in shorts with armor-clad rubber duckies on them.

Our vets design men’s athletic shorts that are meant to facilitate your needs as a sheepdog. You can expect to comfortably pack your sidearm, EDC gear, and essentials in a secure and accessible fashion.

If you’ve ever tried doing that with some of the shorts these other brands push out, you know it can be a major problem. You end up uncomfortable or inconvenienced, and then you stop carrying the items you really need.

Not when shopping with us. We want you strapped, loaded, and ready to go whether you’re training, hiking, or tossed into a situation no one wants to deal with.

To Sum Up

When you’re trying to find the best fit for your daily needs in summer, you might feel like you’re hitting a brick wall.

We understand that, especially in today’s market where everything is annoyingly tactical, or exclusively “civilian”.

Because of that, we redefined style, comfort, and “tacticoolness” in one product - our men’s shorts for summer.

Check out the best men’s shorts for summer in our inventory, and thank us later. Stay strapped!

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