Choosing the BEST Apparel for Different Types of Workouts

Here at Combat Iron Apparel, we talk a lot about matching your clothes to your gear, showing where you stand on hot topics and similar things, but you know one thing that supports all of that?

Your physical health.

If you’re not maintaining your physique and getting in an ass-kicking shape, the other stuff isn’t going to mean much. 

So, obviously, we care quite a bit about helping our customers stay fit, mentally sharp, and ready to rumble whenever their time comes to make a move. 

A big part of that comes down to the clothes you’re wearing and whether they’re facilitating your growth during a workout or holding you back. 

Here are some key points to consider when looking for best apparel for different workouts:

1: Breathability

First and foremost, the entire point of a workout is for you to work up a sweat, push your body to its limits, and grow physically. If your clothes aren’t capable of breathing and wicking that excess moisture away from you, you’re going to get uncomfortable fast.

Once you’re uncomfortable, your performance will drop, you’ll be taken out of the game mentality, and even if you’re still technically working out, you just won’t get the most out of it. 

This is a must-have feature for any workout apparel you buy. 

2: Match the Style to the Workout

This is something that can’t be answered in a one-size-fits-all manner. Different types of exercise demand different apparel

As such, we’ll cover some options for a few common types of workouts. 

First, our men's tanks are going to be great choices for gym environments messing around with weights and other traditional equipment.

These will give you excellent arm rotation, won’t mess up your side-to-side rotation, and generally give you maximum freedom. That’s crucial if you’re focused on pumping iron and making gains. 

However, for more outdoor-focused workouts, such as hiking, nature exploring, and similar activities, you’re going to want a little more protection.

You’ll be dealing with branches, bugs, and other things. For that, we’d recommend something along the lines of our Performance V3 line that maximizes all the other traits we’ll talk about in this post, but you’ll also get better shoulder coverage.

Pair that with appropriate pants that are rugged and facilitate free movement, and you nature lovers are covered.

For flexibility and cardio-based workouts in controlled environments, our tank lineup, some of our men’s T-shirts for the gym, and similar designs are optimal. The other traits we’ve talked about and will be talking about take precedence since you’re not facing many challenges. 

3: Lightweight

It doesn’t matter what type of workout you’re doing, you want your apparel to be lightweight. A workout is usually very controlled unless you’re training in the field.

So, you can sacrifice some of the protection and reliability of the sturdiest materials in favor of a bit of cut weight and better movement. 

If your clothing is weighing you down, you’re probably not making the most out of whatever equipment you’re using

This is especially true if you’re focusing on cardio. Your goal is to move quickly and for a prolonged period.

Our Performance V3 shirts and some of our lighter-weight tanks are going to be your best options, especially when paired with the Performance V3 shorts for all-around lightweight workout attire. 

4: Consider Your Movements 

Another point to look at when choosing the best apparel for different workouts is the type of movement you’ll be making for the workout you’re going to do for the day.

If you’re on a slow day and doing a bit of regenerative yoga, your main focus needs to be on flexibility and keeping your clothes out of the way.

If you’re going to go all out in the weight room, something a little looser with plenty of breathability for all the sweating you’ll do is key.

Plus, you won’t be bending over as much and worrying about exposing yourself

In a gym environment, both our men’s shorts and women’s shorts are your best bet, regardless of what you’re doing. They’re well-fitted, but they’re loose enough to facilitate plenty of airflow and mobility. 

However, in an outdoor environment, such as when you schedule a long woodland run for your cardio day, full-length training paints or something similar is a better choice to protect your legs

5: Durability

Finally, you want your workout attire to be able to take what you throw at it. Your gym activity probably isn’t as abusive as what you would do in the field, but you’re likely beating up your clothes a lot more than you would just go on a normal day at the office. 

Anything that’s going to rip if it’s forced to stretch or wear out quickly from lots of movement is a no-go. 

Where to Get the Best Apparel for Workouts

We’ve talked a lot about what you should look at, but it’s a lot easier to just point at a brand that offers all of that and a lot more. That’s us

At Combat Iron Apparel, we offer the best apparel for a range of different workouts. That’s because they’re not just made to help you out in the gym.

Our clothes are made to be taken a step further than that. 

These are combat-ready clothing pieces, even if some of our designs show our sense of humor. They’re ready to take a beating in the gym, on the field, in the woods, or in the middle of a firefight.

We focus on breathable, durable, and well-designed materials meant to last through it all and keep you comfortable during the tensest moments of your life.

They’re more than enough to not only survive your daily workout but to make sure you’re comfortable while you do it, too. 

It’s not all about that, though. You’re not just buying premium workout and training gear. You’re supporting the nation’s bravest by buying veteran-owned apparel. Everything we sell is veteran-designed, and we’re veteran-owned and operated

If you want the best apparel for all types of workouts, head over to our shop and get yourself a damn good deal!

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