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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Jaime Ramirez

      Excellent fit and look

      Michele Taylor
      USA Flag sport bra

      The bra stayed in place while working out. It was a bit tighter then I expected it to be.

      Jackie Dempsey
      This bra is as strong as our country

      I love this bra! I am a 38DD and I got a large. I do crossfit 6 times a week. I love wearing this bra as just the bra or having the colors really pop from under a tank top etc. I'm happy with the support and I don't pop out of it which is nice.

      Richard Sanchez
      GF’s new favorite sports bra

      Great fit, looks outstanding, quality material

      Stephanie Hebert
      Not suited for ladies with large rib cages

      Alright, first the good.
      The fabric is amazing. Its buttery soft, lays wonderful on the skin, and strap placement/ seams are on point.

      The not so good. I have a huge rib cage- basically im built like a neanderthal. I got an XL- the biggest they have, and i can hardly get it on. Once its there, its super supportive! But i cant breathe. Getting out of it is near impossible. Im not overweight or even well endowed- but i have a large bone structure.

      Im guessing these are geared more towards conventionally-shaped athletic ladies, and im not one of them. If you ARE one of these ladies, youre going to love it.