Summertime Sexiness: Best Veteran-Designed Apparel for Summer

Summer’s here, and that bulky wardrobe of winter gear isn’t going to see any use for the next several months.

Whether you’ve worked on your gains, worn out your old summer wear, or just want to feel fresh this summer, you need some clothes that are going to keep you at peak performance and looking great during these next few months.

If you’re looking for clothes that elevate beyond just a way to cover your private bits, look no further than Combat Iron Apparel.

We’re a veteran-owned company with veteran-designed products, and everything we sell is specifically designed to make you look and feel great while maximizing your effectiveness in the field, gym, or even just running around playing ultimate frisbee.

Find out why we have the best veteran-designed apparel for summer down below.

1: Veteran-Owned

First and foremost, we’re veteran-owned and operated. From our owners and management to our designers, we employ those who put in the work to protect this country. In a world where every brand is doing some sort of superficial nonsense to show they care, we’ve put our lives on the line to prove it.

If a big part of your purchasing ideology revolves around the values and brand honesty of a company, you’ve come to the right place.

As we mentioned, we’re not just veteran-owned and operated. The products we put out are also veteran-designed. From overall clothing design to the silly graphics, you know and love, a vet was behind it all. You’re directly supporting the hard work and creativity of our nation’s finest.

2: We’re Just Like You: Truthfully

If you think we signed up to go fight just to come back and cry about the color of coffee cups or scream about taking your guns away, you’re wrong.

We value the same red-blooded American things you do, and we’re not afraid to show it. Our apparel proudly (and pretty straightforwardly) supports your 2A rights, openly praises our country, and isn’t afraid to put masculinity and badass messaging front and center. Guns, sarcasm, and freedom are our go-to brand alignments; something you've probably been dying to see again over the last decade.

3: Designed for Comfort in the Intense Summer Heat

Again, some of our guys have hoofed it through the Middle East in full combat clothes and gear. They certainly didn’t come home and design summer clothes that will help them relieve the discomfort of all that. Our summer line is designed from the ground up to ensure breathability and comfort.

This is important for folks who put down the Cheetos bag and put in an intense workout regardless of the weather. It’s hard to focus on your hike, the big game, your free-weight sets, or even your grouping at the range if you’re constantly annoyed by your family jewels sticking to things they shouldn’t or your crack feeling like it just did a tour in ‘Nam.

From our performance mesh shorts to our breathable cotton men’s tactical T-shirts and ladies T-shirts we so proudly sell, each designed to fit properly and maximize airflow, you can trust you won’t have to deal with those issues wearing Combat Iron Apparel.

4: Carry-Friendly

We wouldn’t be very 2A friendly if we didn’t consider your little friend when designing our clothes. We focus on showing off your muscles but maintaining the ability for you to concealed carry with ease.

Of course, your carry system and ability to pick the right-sized shirt are important, but in general, you shouldn’t have any issues packing a bit of heat in your waistband, detective style, or anything else with a little common sense.

5: Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

We understand that your clothes need to do more than just cover you up and keep you from catching a public indecency charge; they need to serve you and help you properly equip yourself to deal with your daily needs.

So, our designers make sure you have plenty of pockets to work with. Whether you’re packing your EDC gear to make sure you’re ready for anything, need extra pockets for your music and earbuds at the gym, or just need to carry the basics like your phone, wallet, keys, and similar stuff, our apparel is designed to accommodate those things.

However, we don’t push it to the limit and basically release mesh-style cargo pants and weird tactical shirts that make you stand out way too much. We keep our designs casual and high-performance while still giving you the storage capabilities you need to get the job done. It’s all about maximizing performance without making you look a little crazy while you’re out in public.

6: Suitable for the Active Person

Our shorts and tees are more than comfortable enough for lounging and lazing about, but they’re really built to keep you performing at your best while you’re living an active lifestyle, and that’s the mark of truly the best veteran-designed apparel for summer.

Whether your day consists of the range, the gym, or a nature hike, our clothes can keep up with the abuse without ripping, tearing, or popping seams every time you need to jump, run, or climb. These are high-quality clothes meant to last even under the toughest conditions.

7: Trendy

Finally, the summer months are supposed to be fun and exciting. You’re out there showing off your muscles, kicking ass, and having a good time. Our men’s T-shirts for summer will set the mood for that and show off your personality.

We might be a veteran-owned company, but make no mistake. We’re not just lining our shelves with fatigues and rip-off BDU patterns. We’re bringing you fun, exciting, graphical designs with personality. From our cutey with attitude the Tactiduck, to our Pineapple Express-themed clothes, you’ll enjoy a selection of brightly colored, fun, clothes to make you stand out this summer.

We’re not out here trying to gear you up for war. We just want you to perform your best, and if you haven’t figured it out, no one has a sense of humor and appreciation for the sillier parts of life like a vet.

Explore Combat Iron Apparel for the Best Summer Clothes

We stand out in terms of performance, values, and customer service.

Our clothes are more than just covers for your fleshy bits. They’re important pieces of proven gear you can rely on at any time, anywhere.

To find the best veteran-designed apparel for summer, check out our offer, and find the perfect fit for yourself today!

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